The Wing House is a chain of restaurants in the Tampa Bay area, owned by Crawford Ker of Dallas Cowboys fame. The restaurants serve some of the best wings in the Bay area (be sure to ask for 'em naked..and forget that 'other' wing place!), and they publish a calendar each year with some tough competition for those wishing to get featured. This year alone there were over 100 girls vying for some 30 spots.

     I was fortunate enough to have my car included for the 2003 calendar, and 24 year old Teresa was chosen to model with my '69. This is her second year on the WH Calendar, and she looked great modeling. The car's never looked so good...if you can focus on the car!

     These photos were shot in Clearwater, FL June, 2002. It's amazing but the photographer will add in the background later and you'll never even know the buildings were there. Here's a sample of some of the outtakes below, be sure to look for the 2003 calendar and Theresa at the restaurants or on their web site!

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Theresa_sitting_on_back_of_Mikes_Vette3_th.jpg (15542 bytes)

Theresa_standing_in_back_of_Mikes_Vette3_th.jpg (14935 bytes)

Getting ready for the shoot..

Theresa makes this look's not!

Theresa_kneeling_next_to_Mikes_Vette1_th.jpg (15237 bytes)

Theresa_standing_next_to_Mikes_Vette1_th.jpg (14616 bytes)

Nice color, gold and Blonde!

She's smearing the wax, but who cares?

Theresa_w_hose_in_front_Mikes_Vette1_th.jpg (17416 bytes)

Theresa_and_Kathy_w_Mikes_Vette5_th.jpg (17135 bytes)

Cooling off in the heat...

Kathy and Theresa, another WH calendar girl.

Theresa_standing_in_back_of_Mikes_Vette2_th.jpg (14936 bytes)

Gotta love those chrome bumpers!

Kathy, Theresa and Ashley take a break from the sun!


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