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     This car is a ’69 convertible, 1 of 16,633 convertibles produced, out of a total of 38,762 Corvettes for that year. Due to a strike, then-Chevrolet head John DeLorean kept the production lines rolling for another 4 months; this helped the 1969 model year produce more Corvettes than ever before and the ’69 production figures weren’t topped until 1976.

     ’69 cars bear a very close resemblance to 1968, with minor differences such as no push buttons for the exterior doors, different interior console trim and knobs, larger 8" wheels, and the ignition key being moved to the steering column. Engine choices were also similar, with the venerable 327 being replaced by the 350. Some changes for the 350 included 4 bolt mains and a longer stroke(3.48"). Horsepower in the small block 350 could be had as 300 (base engine: single Quadrajet) or 350 (L46: single Quadrajet, special cam, 2.02 valve heads). Big block buyers got 6 options, the 427/390 HP (L36: single Quadrajet), 427/400 HP (L68: 2-3 barrel Holleys), 427/435HP (L71: 2-3 barrel Holleys, solid lifters), 427/435 HP(L89: 2-3 barrel Holleys, solid lifter cam, aluminum heads, HP much higher), 427/430 HP (L88: solid lifter, aluminum heads, single 850 CFM Holley, HP grossly underrated) and ZL1 (All aluminum block and heads, single 850CFM Holley, solid lifters, a true race motor, only 2 Corvettes produced with this option). 12,846 buyers, or 33%, chose the L46 option for an extra $131.65.

     Some of the interesting features on this car are the use of fiber-optics to monitor light operation; if you look closely at the shift console, you’ll see 6 lights on top and 3 on bottom. These tell the driver the status of head/tail lamps, turn signals, stop lamps, and the license plate marker. They’re a bit tough to see in daylight, but work pretty well at night. Also, headlight washers were included and necessitated use of a special 5 port washer pump.Additionally, the ‘miles’ of vacuum hose you see all under the hood operates the headlights and hideaway wiper doors. This may have seemed like a neat gimmick, but ask any early 'shark' owner about it, and they’ll probably have a few choice words to describe it for you.

     This particular Corvette was the 13,526 vehicle produced in the St. Louis factory for the 1969 model run. It has Riverside Gold paint/saddle vinyl 'basketweave' interior, trim codes 980/420. The car was ordered on Thursday, Dec 26, 1968 for Carter Chevrolet, Vernon, CT (belated Xmas gift?) and built on Monday, Jan 20, 1969, build code F20.

     This car has an interesting choice of options..obviously, the original owner wanted some ‘bang for the buck’ so he ordered the 350HP engine (L46), close ratio M21 4 speed (M21), and 3.70 Posi-traction rear (G81). He then skipped amenities like power steering, power brakes, power windows or air conditioning, but decided the car had to have the optional P02 ‘deluxe’ wheel covers ($57.95) and an U69 AM-FM radio ($172.75), both of which this car still has. The only other options are A01 Soft ray tinted glass ($16.90), PT7 F70X15 White Stripe Tires ($31.30) and A82 Headrests ($17.95). The A82 option was actually a mandatory 'option' early on.

     The list of options this car was ordered with is below; there is also a copy of the original build sheet or ‘tank sticker’ which was removed from this vehicle May 27, 1999.

Item RPO: Description:


Qty Produced:

19467 Base Corvette Convertible



L46 350 HP Engine



M21 Close ratio Muncie 4 speed



G81/GS4 3.70 Posi-traction rear axle



U69 AM-FM radio



P02 Deluxe wheel covers



PT7 F70 X 15 White Stripe nylon tires



A01 Soft Ray tinted glass



A82 Headrests



980 Riverside Gold paint



420 Saddle vinyl interior




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Original tank sticker:.

Engine compartment, left side:

Engine Compartment, right side:

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engine_photo_1_th.jpg (4671 bytes)

engine_photo_2_th.jpg (4687 bytes)

Interior view, left side:

Interior view, right side:

Another view:


interior_photo_2_th.jpg (4370 bytes)


interior_photo_1_th.jpg (4214 bytes)

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